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  • Panel-mounted system offering 200 NAV channels, 720 COMM channels and automatic squelch
  • Automatic channel switching for 200-channel DME and 40-channel Glideslope Receiver
  • All solid-state and electronic tuning
  • Built-in self test feature for COMM
  • Output for RNAV
  • Can be used with KI-203 VOR/LOC and KI-204 VOR/LOC/Glideslope indicators to justify TSO
  • Can also be used with NON-TSO'd KI-208 VOR/LOC and KI-209 VOR/LOC/GS indicators
  • Compatible with KCS-55A gyroslaved compass system and KI-525A HSI
  • 760 channel COMM capablility with optional mod. upgrade
  • 14 volt operation (28 volt with use KA-39 voltage converter)
  • Functionally same as KX-170B but also meets TSO performance and environmental requirements
Size: 6.25"W x 2.5"H x 13.00"L Weight: 7.0 lbs.
Frequency Range (COMM): 720 channel, 25 kHz spacing Frequency Stability (COMM): +-0.003%
Transmitter Power Output (COMM): 7 watts typical, unmodulated into a 50 ohm load Transmitter Modulation (COMM): 85% modulation capability with 90% limiting provided
Transmitter Sidetone (COMM): Up to 4 mw into 500 ohm headphones Receiver Sensitivity (COMM): 1.5 uv (sift) will provide a 6 db signal plus noise-to-noise ratio
Receiver Squelch (COMM): Automatic squelch with manual override Receiver Audio Output (COMM): Seperate headphone output. 6 watts into a 3.2 speaker load
Frequency Range (NAV): 200 channels with 50 kHz spacing Sensitivity (NAV): 1.5 uv (soft) will provide a flyable course indication
Selectivity (NAV): Typical 6 db at +-19 kHz, 60 db at +-40 kHz Audio Output (NAV): Seperate headphone output, 6 watts into a 3.2 ohm speaker load
TSO: C36c, C37b, C38b, C40a, Cat. DAPBAAXXXXXX Auxiliary Audio Inputs: Two 500 ohm inputs and one intercom input available with 30 db isolation between any two
Receive Mode: 1.1 amp Transmit: 3.0 amp
Lighting: Internal, blue-white standard    
Part NumberNAV/COMM Description:
069-1019-00 200 channel NAV receiver, 720 ch. COMM transceiver, 5 watt audio system


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