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KSN-770 Apex Edge Series  
  • Integrated Communication Navigation Display - Multi-Function Display (MFD)
  • Brings together the latest in digital Nav/Comm radio technology, a full WAAS GPS navigator, TCAS and uplink weather
  • High-res VGA display (5.7" diagonal, 5.25" high)
  • Hybrid user interface
    • Touch screen, hard keys and cursor control device (CCD)
  • Electronic charts and maps
  • WAAS GPS enroute and approach navigation system
  • TCAS), and Radar ,** TAWS ,** TCAS and Stormscope
  • XM WX interface
  • 10W COM with optional high-power 16W COM
    • Digital radio core
  • Analog and digital inputs/outputs
  • Open architecture integrates with a variety of sensors
  • Simple to use
    • No “Home” key required
    • Direct access keys
  • Affordable pricing, extensive dealer network
  • Enhanced ground proximity warning system (option)
  • Nav/Com (10W Com with 16W option)*
    * Nav/Com not available on KSN 765 version
    ** Optional 
Size: 6.25" W x 5.25" H x 10" D Weight:  9.9 lbs
Screen: 5.7" Active Matrix LCD  Power: 11-33 VDC
Resolution: 640 W x 480 H Pixels (Full VGA) Nav/Com: 10W Com (16W optional)


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