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DK140 DK Series
(DK120 image shown due to similarity)
  • Underwater Acoustic Beacon
  • 2.97" Length Beacon with Field Replaceable Battery
  • Extended useful life
  • Designed to provide outstanding performance and reliability
  • Utilizes improved low voltage technology
  • Single cell, non-hazardous battery
  • Six year battery life
  • UL recognition, Solid cathode chemistry battery
  • Less active, more stable chemistry
  • High tolerance for rough handling
  • Manufactured to high quality design and test standards
  • Meets or exceeds all the FAA requirements without the need of any modification to existing mounting hardware (TSO-C121)
  • Operational in water up to 20,000 feet
  • Sealed Unit


Operating Frequency: 37.5 kHz ± 1 kHz Operating Depth:  Surface to 20,000'
Pulse Length: Not < 9 milliseconds Pulse Repetition Rate: Not < 0.9 pulse per second 
Useful Life: 6 years  Operating Life: 30 Days (min)
Acoustic Output Initial:  1060 dynes/cm2rms pressure @ 1 meter Acoustic Output After 30 Days: 700 dynes/cm2rms pressure @ 1 meter
Operating Temperature: 28°F to 100°F Actuation:  Fresh or salt water, surface to 20,000'
Radiation Pattern: Rated output over 80% of sphere Size: 1.3" D x 2.97" L
Weight: Less than 4.9 oz (including battery) Power Source:  Lithium Battery Field Replaceable
FAA Authorized: TSO-C121     
Part NumberUnderwater Acoustic Beacons Description:
DK100 4" Length Beacon
DK120 4" Length Beacon w/Field Replaceable Battery
DK130 2.97" Length Beacon
DK140 2.97" Length Beacon w/Field Replaceable Battery


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